Distributions from owner of int. (non-ADR)?

I've just studious that my father had carried a natural life insurance policy and in 2002, Principal duration Ins. sent out a check for Distributions from owner of int. (non-adr).I was told that since I'm the programmed benificary (and only survivor) that it is mine. What is this pay-out? He started the policy contained by the late 60's and passed away surrounded by 1993. Also, wouldnt the ins. comp. be obligated for the full death benifits since the policy be in effect when he died. I know squat going on for life insurance and New York State Unclaimed funds wont speak about me anything till they verify who I am. (understandably) The suspense is just driving my wife,kids,and my self nuts. Thank You
The check you are getting is not the payout of the insurance policy. That predictable already got remunerated out in 1993.
The check you are getting is probable for your share of a de-mutualization that Principal and a number of other insurers go thorugh years ago. Mutual insurers are owned by their policyholders. Demutualization is the proces by which they convert from policyholder owned to investor owned. The policy holders are supposed to get compensated out for their ownership stake in the company.
The money from the actual insurance policy be likely remunerated out in 1993 and you should hold gotten some of that if you were the beneficiary.
But the insurance company probably didn't know where on earth you were when they have to pay out the dividends due policyholders (or their survivors) from the demutualization. Most of that money go to the unclaimed fund bureaus that each state have.
My mom just get a check from John Hancock from their demutalization in the 1990s that go unclaimed until I found it for her.
That's very promising what this is.

Other Answers:
Hard to say - the company know what the polciy amount is for, so you'll have to ask them.

If this is a complete life policy, or adaptation thereof, AND he borrowed money against it, you would get the facade value of the policy smaller quantity the borrowed amount. was he acceptance payments from this every month, quarter, etc? if so, it sounds like he may enjoy an annuity of some sort. you may want to check his bank archives to verify this. if he was making payments, next more than likely it would enjoy been a energy insurance policy. you can call the insurance company to verify if the policy be active when he passed - they should know how to tell you at lowest that without substantiation. also, if you are listed as his executor/administrator, you can provide the company next to legal documentation to verify that. once they can verify that you are authorized to receive the information after they should be able to detail you how the distributions were rewarded out on the policy.